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I offer custom statue, the custom Image Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, camphor wood with Original color. Can the clear lacquer, painting, Image laced with Gold foil. General 40cm 50cm 60cm height, etc. Please note that this is a natural camphor artificial carving, with a certain weight, we recommend that you use the above height.

I will choose according to the actual situation of different places carvers. Carving take a month or more, painting takes time, please be patient. I offer the following statues can be completed relatively quickly, the need to change or painting, etc., please email me for further coordination. 

You can get your desired sample Buddha or Bodhisattva statue in this page:  Buddha Pictures

Earth Store (Kshitigarbha) Bodhisattva

Original 70cm, USD3800
clear lacquer 70cm, USD4000
colour painting 70cm, USD4800 Part of the painted using 24k Gold
Limited quantities. Please ask or wait. Provide Western Union ® , PayPal, cheque transaction, please contact me.

Like the Buddha should not as a commodity, I just help you find a sculptor carving, give you a chance to customize exposure to wood carving statues. I will take a price of goods on behalf of this article first sent to you, it might be a Bodhi Leaf or Bodhi Tree Mala. When Buddha sculpture is completed will be sent to you as a second time soon goods.

Earnings will be supported as an expense in Chinese Medicine Center, or the promotion of vegetarianism (plan), Buddhist travel photography, transportation, and other sites to maintain. if you / businessman / group wants to make the planet more meaningful things, and support, please contact me, I have some plans require a nice ring push together.